Hello Team! I am Supernova. My interests are learning new things about computers, online security and privacy, tor, encryption, grid computing, reading (I just finished the original 6 book Dune series), movies, stamps, and getting outside once in a while for some canoeing or hiking.

The current state of the web is saddening to me, I was in high school in the early 90's and fondly remember the simplicity of pure html, 256 color graphics, Mosaic and Netscape, web rings and alta-vista. My passion back then was programming the TI-82 graphing calculator (games and math programs). I even wrote a newsletter for several years with my cousin which collaborated with others through email to write reviews of programs and printed the source code right in the newsletter! I grew up with an Apple IIgs and played games like Gate and The Immortal. I was forced to get a Windows machine for college (Computer Engineering degree) but in the late 90s I switched over to BeOS as my primary system. I had a lot of fun learning C programming with that.

I worked as a level 2 IT support tech for many years in the healthcare industry. These are the people who physically go to fix your computer after you've managed to convince the help desk to just send the tech guy (yes I've already rebooted)! Now I am a system administrator at a small company maintaining several Linux systems, their Windows domain and PCs and the network.