My name is Quinn, and this is my website. I am a white queer neurodivergent communist who lives in Australia. My main interests are programming, languages, and puzzles. My English pronouns are it/they. I mostly exist online at @orichalcumcosmonaut@types.pl.


I mostly program in C, and I know Assembly Language for a couple of architectures (x86 and RISC-V). I am interested in concatenative and multilingual programming, and have some ideas for a programming language I would like to make. Due to neurodivergent reasons, I have yet to get anything to a point I would consider finished.


I speak Australian English natively. I was learning Vietnamese (tiếng Việt) via Duolingo, and Mandarin Chinese (普通话) via HelloChinese; but I have a hard time staying focused on more than one thing at once. I can also more or less understand Esperanto given a dictionary (and by extension, probably Ido too). I have also dabbled in Russian (русский), as I would like to learn more about the Setun (Сетунь) ternary computer, and maybe write a simulator for it; and Japanese (日本語).


I like logic puzzles, the same kind of puzzle that Sudoku and Nonograms are. I am particularly interested in how these sorts of puzzles can be adapted to tilings other than the square grid, what properties the tiling must have to adapt certain puzzles, and how the solving techniques change as a consequence of this.