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Let me introduce myself

I am 34 years old ukrainian computer geek living in Cyprus which loves old computers, old websites and internet. Since I had i486/16Mb RAM/500Mb HDD/SB/S3 it's a lot of years are gone. That time the things were easy, everything was simplier but the abilities were much more limited and we appreciated a lot of things typical for today.

What I don't like nowadays

The technologies are overloaded

To do a simple thing you have to spend a lot of computing recources. It is reasonable in case you need to decrease the size of videofile on the disk drive and reduce the bandwidth consumption while watching through the internet. But I cant understand why do we need a tons of layers of the frameworks just to deliver the text information to the consumers?

You own nothing

Of course you probably have your house and some stuff there, but almost everything you are using doesn't belongs to you. Your Facebook account with all the photos, Youtube channel with the videos and subscribers, your blog wherever, your music in the ITunes, Spotify, movies in the Netflix: all of these aren't yours. Meta, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, whoever has your data and able to cancel you just whenever they want.

Internet is not free anymore

I am talking not about a piracy, it is bad but sometimes helps you to know something new and then buy it, it is just a different method of distribution. I tell about government regulations. On the beginning of the era internet was something free and unregulated. Nowadays it has a lot of restrictions and regulations, policies. All of that were done with good intentions sauce, like a fighting with a cybercrime. At the same time a number of the restrictions is growing slowly everyday and you may not even notice them.

Most of your communications channels such as messengers also belong to some big companies and under their control. They can read your messages, they know where are you, they know everything about you, they are selling it and they can mute you.

Why do I like HTML and minimalism

Hypertext is a paper of the internet. You can share whatever you want as a text and everybody from the most far away point on Earth will be to read it. What is the point? As more people as possible will be able to get your website if you follow minimalist methods in building a website to deliver your information to the consumer with a low and/or limited bandwidth. Do not overload your website with videos, large photos, huge scripts and frameworks, do the optimisation of the resources.

Last updated: 15:31 14.02.2024.
To be continued