this is how i run my desktop. it is the only way any personal desktop should work based on my rationale. if you would like to recommend or comment on my setup contact me here.


i like to keep it suckless, ofc only when it makes sense to do so. the only systemd-less distro that is usable is artix linux.

...and for non-suckless stuff:

lastly, security (includes non-software):

there are scripts i use for choosing startup application on login and organizing them into their workspaces. and scripts for searching the web, bookmarks, from the comfort of dwm & dmenu. those scripts can be found here.


desktop_flex1 desktop_flex2



Rationale, i.e. ramble

suckless software, this suite of software almost always does the right job, with a very simple and readable C codebase. dwm does a great job as it tiles windows and interferes just enough so that you can still have a dynamic workflow that is has no alt-tab nonsense. dmenu is used in alot of my helper scripts, it is minimal and patchable to do fuzzy search. surf is used as a dummy browser in the sense that it is there for when i need to use it and firefox & brave fails. the only reason i don't use surf as much as firefox is due to it's lack of built-in security (this is _kinda_ fixed with the use of apparmor & firejail). slock just locks your screen, shouldn't have nonsense profile pictures and gui. slstatus is very easily patachable and does it's job out-of-the box. the reason alacritty is used over st, is that it just works with the same minimalism that st offers (without that small codebase ofc). baku for bookmarks. newsboat is the only way to consoom media. mpd & ncmpcpp, a bit bloat but does the job well. bpytop has disk and network IO in the same window. pywal, because having an inconsistent colorscheme is disgusting. sxiv, minimal, doesn't miss with the zoom and has sane keybindings compared to feh. zathura, the perfect PDF viewer, it literally views a PDF, and prints it, what else should a PDF viewer do? edit pdfs? thunar, decent keybindings and is minimal enough to do quick file moves. i primary use it as a backup for plain-old mv, cp & rm commands. for security, apparmor is way easier than selinux. firejail sits on top of apparmor. hardened-linux kernel, must have, the kernel shouldn't have any comprimises in security. encrypted disk is essential, literally has no cost but entering a password on boot. the alternative is to allow anyone who has physical access data access.