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May 11, 2021 — ~arthtyagi
  • Originally wrote this : 2020-12-23

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tags: contemplation, life

Does it ever feel like this is a simulation? If you are an atheist, this might have at least crossed your mind. Now, yeah, even though there is no concrete evidence that suggests we are actually in a simulation, it is more realistic than believing in a “god” that created us whilst ( a sprinkle of British ) not believing that it is not a simulation. Come to think of it, if you are someone who possesses theistic tendencies, is it not fairly obvious that if “god” created us, someone must have devised him, and if we do not ever get to see him, it is his world with his laws that are, more commonly referred to as the laws of physics.

Anyway, I am not arguing about the possibilities of us being in a simulation or not, but rather a new outlook on life for some people, no matter what the reality is. In a sense, one could either choose to discover what this is all about, through rough dealings, or do whatever one can to advance the human civilization, realizing one does feel things, which might be just altercations of stimuli with one’s brain, but one still does feel it.

I had a few things on my mind, this being one of them, and I felt like getting them out there for someone to read and analyze. Apart from the fact I have been distracted from this very motive I talk about when I refer to advancing the civilization by any help possible, it has been bugging my conscience for quite some time, and I do not appreciate the way it feels, the way my mind thinks about certain things after this realization.

Think of my situation as a sort of a safari, then getting stuck in someplace wilder than planned, and despite being aware of that, you loathe and love the wild simultaneously. I do not write this kind of stuff, not publicly at-least, not my suite per se, but just this once, I wanted to get some thoughts out there, and since I have a rendezvous to attend, I will take leave now.